Thai Alphabet

The Thai alphabet knows 44 characters. beneath these characters there are symbols and symbols with a special function. Here follow the Thais characters with their name. The  characters will be divided in three  groups which we give a different color, High (red), Middle (green) and Low (blue). In the dictionary   Thai-Dutch you will find extra information (Dutch Language).

The Thai Alphabet

Sign Name Sign Name Sign Name Sign Name
Koh Kai Khoh Khai Khoh Khuat Khoh Khwai
Khoh Khon Khoh Rakhang Ngoh Ngoe Tjoh Tjaan
Choh Ching Choh Chaang Soh Soo Choh Cheu
Joh Jing Doh Chadaa Toh Pattak Thoh Thaan
Thoh Monthoo Thoh Phoethao Noh Neen Doh Dek
Toh Tao Thoh Thoeng Thoh Thahaan Thoh Thong
Noh Noe Boh Bajmaj Poh Plaa Phoh Phung
Foh Faa Phoh Phaan Foh Fan Phoh Samphao
Moh Maa Joh Jak Roh Rua Loh Ling
Woh Waen Soh Saalaa Soh Ruusie Soh Sua
Hoh Hiep Loh Tjoelaa Oh Ang Hoh Nokhoek